Friday, 10 June 2011

A Couple of RNIB Campaigns

A recent visit to the RNIB, a few emails and a phone call have given some of the details on the RNIB activities in terms of campaigns for access to reading, library facilities.  These can be followed on RNIB sites  and I am just consolidating some links and contacts in a separate post for any one who is interested in these campaigns.  The information given below has been kindly provided by the RNIB.  

To be honest, listening to websites all day long is not a lot of fun, so a volunteer has consolidated the links on the one page.  For the benefit of those using a screen reader, the links are listed in full so that you will hear where you are going on the web.  If  you are sighted and viewing this ‘we’re sorry about our appearance’, but this is what we have to listen to’ and for academic purposes one should of course, give the full citation and reference!
Books Beyond Borders

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) conference will be discussing intellectual property and copyright issues.  You can find out more on

The RNIB has a team there which will be campaigning for the European position of ‘books without borders’.

Make a Noise in Libraries Fortnight

This started on the 6th of June and runs till 19 June. The RNIB have issued a list of what they would like supporters to do, as follows:

1.       Contact your local library. You can do this by phone or by calling in, it's up to you. Find out whether they offer an ebook service and what you have to do to join.

2.       If your library does not offer ebooks, ask if they have any plans to do so and let RNIB know what they say.

3.       If your library does offer ebooks, please join up and provide feedback on all or some of the following areas:

- How easy was it to join? Were the staff helpful and supportive?
- Does your library offer ebooks in audio, text or both?
- Log-in process
- Searching for books and choosing what to read
- Downloading a book
- Reading the book. Tell RNIB about your experience. For example, did you read it on your PC or did you download it onto other devices?  If you downloaded the book to your PC at home, did it work with your access technology?
- Please add any other comments or observations that you would like to share.

You can find out more about Make a Noise in Libraries Fortnight, including a list of events taking place, at

For more information you can also contact: Megan Gilks on 0161 355 2080 or email