Sunday, 23 October 2011

Leamington Lift Bridge: a bridge over the Union Canal in Edinburgh

On account of some software problems during my summer in Edinburgh, an interview which I did with a member of staff at the Leamington Lift Bridge on the Union Canal in Edinburgh had been mislaid (we didn’t have the right cable at the time). 

I had approached the Waterways office inquiring about boat trips on the canal itself (you have to go to Ratho or Linlithgow to pick these up).  I spoke to some tourists who had taken two days to travel by canal boat from Falkirk (the Falkirk Wheel) and they told me of the Leamington Bridge.  I had never heard of it but years ago had driven across the bridge which was then just a bridge over a disused canal.   
I had heard about the reopening of the canal basin – a museum is planned – and this part of Edinburgh, Tollcross/Fountainbridge, is near the Edinburgh financial district.  A lot has changed over the years and this can be detected in my vague memories of the canal going back to the 1960s.  I found it strange trying to figure in landmarks with the current A to Z used by a sighted person.  All became clear when it was explained that the meat market entrance had been moved in one of the redevelopments.  The Edinburgh Canal Basin might yet not have the cache of Little Venice, but the location should be attractive when all the amenities are up and running. 

From my diary entry, we had a very nice lunch at Lock25 (  To those who were in Edinburgh during the 1970s, this was the notorious Clachan Bar at the junction of Fountainbridge and
Ponton Street

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On this post, are some photographs taken of a canal boat passing under the Leamington Bridgewhich is lifted. You can hear Don from the canal explaining some of the history and mechanism of the Scottish Waterways part of the British Waterways canal system. This is the first time I’ve included photographs and a sound interview which was taken with Don’s permission during the summer on 17th August.