Friday, 17 August 2012

St Andrew's Square, 'Edimbourg Plage'

During the sunshine, this square took on the image of Edimbourg Plage in the centre of town.  The city has its own beaches stretching from Cramond and Silverknowes to Portobello and Joppa in the east.  East Lothian companies had been enterprising in promoting their food, leisure and visitor attractions.  Within this square, once surrounded by the financial “great and the good” a renaissance in openness has made the square a popular space.  In the centre of the square is a column with an important figure on the top. For a clue check out my post on Arniston:  

I tried out a bit of golf using my cane; they tried to teach me golf at school- I failed. 

Visually impaired person attempts golf in St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh

Seaside sideshows were good photo opportunities too.

Not quite what the Scottish Colourist Leslie Hunter imagined
for Largo Bay

The Edinburgh Art Festival has a Waiting Place with neat geometric lines which is a treat for inspection from within on a sunny day.  I could make out the gaps in the slats as they make interesting geometric patterns.  This is used for events.

Edinburgh Art Festival's The Waiting Place
St Andrew's Square

Take care when approaching St Andrews square as the Edinburgh Tram construction is underway on one side and more buses than usual are on the other side on account of diversion.

Column in centre of St Andrew's Square, Edinbugh
Guess who's on top? 
(clue: Arniston)